self-development club

Growth. Connection. Focus. Fun.

What's it all about?

Seedlings is a community of people excited by the idea of connecting to like-minded others and harnessing mindfulness, self-reflection and group support in order to grow into better humans and to live a full, rich and meaningful life.

"It's like Crossfit for the mind and soul"

the 3 core pillars

community, play & support

Life is way more fun when lived alongside people you love and are inspired by, which is why this space exists; to bring like-minded people together to have those existential conversations, challenge traditional paradigms and decide upon a personally aligned way of living life.

Mindfulness, emotional intelligence & self-knowledge

Every week we will be developing our self-awareness and emotional intelligence to understand what really holds us back from living freely and fully and how we can overcome those inner-obstacles to have a greater impact on our lives and the lives of those around us.

accountability, clarity & focus

Throughout your experience, you will learn to get yourself unstuck, find focus and clear direction in whatever personal or professional pursuits you are engaged with on your journey so that you can stay aligned and most effective with each day.


does it

look like?

Every week we'll meet so that you can give yourself the crucial space needed to stop the world, self-reflect, talk through the things that are on your heart and mind, reconnect to what's most important to you and learn to understand yourself better so that you can lead a fuller more meaningful life.
The weekly reflection space will include:
- a short grounding meditation
- space to be with yourself and think back to how your week went to summarise your struggles, successes and future strategy
- a free uninterrupted space for you to talk at a partner about whatever comes up for you and needs to be voiced
- group support and sharing for partnerships, accountability and creative solutions
- top tips, tools, techniques and practices around self-knowledge, emotional intelligence and productivity
Online (17:00 - 18:00)
Kelp Co-Working, Ericeira (18:30 - 19:30)

some rad extras...

Spontaneous free workshops

There are always people (including myself) who are hosting sessions, activities and open spaces for you to join in on and explore things that normally you would have to pay a bunch of money for. Seedlings is a playground for people to facilitate, host and connect!

8am monday morning meditation &

weekly planning

08:00 every Monday you are invited to start the week with presence, mindfulness and stillness to bring the kind of self-awareness that makes living with ease, courage and purpose flow naturally.

8am Wednesday workouts and shakedown

Humpday is no longer a mid-week slump! Re-energise yourself with a 08:00 morning workout that will not only have you sweaty and strong but also be designed to release emotions, connect inwardly and have loads of laughs with some other equally sweaty companions.

games, challenges, and activities

Who wants to join me in participating in Ramadam? Who's up for a social media detox? Who's game for a marketing hackathon? Anyone wanna run a 10k with me on Sunday?

Each month I'll be inviting you to explore new ways of living, having fun and flirting with life!

whatsapp support & encouragement

As if we don't have enough already! Yeah, but this one's different, I promise! Here is the space where we will share our wins, struggles and failures all in celebration of having a crack at this thing called life! Encouragement, silliness and insights abound.

partner support and accountability

It can be hard to self-motivate and stay on-track, which is why we have a partner system for anyone who would like to team-up and get some help being accountable and following through on those big dreams and exciting ideas.



  • The membership is £/€40 a month

  • You can pay monthly or in one lump sum

  • It is all online, but for those of you located in or near Ericeira, Portugal you will have access to the weekly meeting in-person on Thursdays, 18:30 @ Kelp co-working

  • You will automatically get a 2-weeks free trial when you apply after which you can decide whether you want to continue

  • On signing up you will receive the Zoom links for each activity, be added to the Facebook and WhatsApp Groups

  • Just fill out the membership form and I'll be in touch to have a chat and arrange the rest!

  • All times are in GMT

Anyone who wants to be involved but is limited by a financial barrier (e.g. student, adolescent, dependents, etc) is eligible for a fully or partly subsidised membership - just send me a message below to say that you'd love to be involved and we'll make it work for you.


bags of fun

tonnes of value

inspiring people

Why not try the 2-week free trial?


Can I pay in installments?

Absolutely. You can pay in sets or we'll set you up with a monthly payment plan.

What if I need to cancel?

You cancel at anytime. If you do so, we'll have a little chat to talk through your experience so I can learn from your feedback and then we'll part ways!

How do I pay?

On signing up you will be asked to complete a short application form. You'll then have your 2-week trial period and after that I will be in touch with you to arrange payment.

When are the activities?

Monday 8 - 9am - Morning meditation and weekly planning Tuesday 8am -8:30am - Sea Swim @ Praia Do Baleal Wednesday 8am - 8:45am - Workout and shakedown Thursday 6pm - 7:30pm - Kelp Co-Working in-person weekly gathering (for people in Ericeira, Portugal) Friday 5pm - 6:30pm - Online weekly gathering (for anyone international)

How do I sign up for the different activities?

On filling out the application form, you'll get all the Zoom links to every activity in an email and I'll also jump on a call with you to explain everything!

Who's it for?

Short answer: anyone. Anyone with a desire to create a habit of making some time in their week to create a sacred space to self-reflection, re-alignment and connect with other people looking to accelerate their self-development, emotional intelligence and life goals. People you might find at Seedlings (amongst many others): - an entrepreneur looking for more accountability and focus - someone who has a calling to actualise their life's potential and create more - somebody who is looking to enhance and accelerate their personal-development by getting support from others and reflecting each week

What if I can't come to all the sessions?

Hey, these things happen! Sometimes we will feel it's right to prioritise something else in our life - I respect that. You're still welcome to get involved. Seedlings is much like a football team who train once a week; you get involved a commit and the more you do so the more you and the team will get out of it.

Will the sessions be recorded?

Yes! The meditation and workout session will be recorded for you to come back to at a later time if you can't make it live.