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100's of lives touched

Here's a handful of the retreats, events, workshops and talks I've given to help people understand themselves in a way that makes the solution to their life's challenges clear, easy and fun.

Heart Attack

30-day self-discovery and personal development intensive retreat

One of my proudest accomplishments is organising and running this crazy and wonderful experience at Rosemary Dream. 14 hours a day of diving deep, getting real, being vulnerable, learning life, understanding ourselves and getting masterful with the skills needed to live fully.

Becoming Me - Berlin

Understanding who you are and how to carve your path in life

A connecting, energising, hilarious and profound retreat that took people through a journey of self-discovery and empowered living to navigate self-doubt and actualise their fullest potential.

Wake Up!

10 days to wake up to your true self and create inspired action

Wake Up! was a beautiful experience to touch upon the core aspects of being human, such as connection, mindfulness, self-awareness, authenticity, self-expression and contribution, in order to cultivate a foundation of a rich and meaningful life.

Stopping The World

7 days to stop the world, rest and reflect on more aligned living

This special experience was designed to create a space for those craving a digital detox and to press the  reset button a a chance to listen to their human nature and come back to themselves. This event included a very special 3.5 days in isolation in the nature and a temazcal sweat lodge ceremony.

Connected Relationships Intensive

A full day of  developing our personal and interpersonal EQ

A full day of understanding what our emotions are telling us and where they're from, why we and others behave the way we do and how to communicate in a way that creates authentic love and connection rather than conflict and separatedness.

How Your Parents Shape Your Love Life

How our early experiences of love influences who we are today

A 20-minute interactive talk explaining how the experiences we have growing up determines the person we are today, how to notice that influence and how to change it; using emotional intelligence to forgive and move on from past hurt.

Recentre and Reconnect - Yoga Retreat 

4 days of self-love, connection and restful yoga

Teaming up with Yoga With Meg, we produced an experience to allow people to get personal with new and old friends, take refuge from a high-paced life and get to know how to bring self-care into everyday life.

Spiritual Connection with Guru Dev

An experience to enlighten the mind and connect the heart

Working alongside Guru Dev at Rosemary Dream, we created an experience to give people the space to really experience the true freedom of life through magical group experiences; such as meditations, connection workshops and ecstatic dance.

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