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Brotherhood - Connection - Support

You feel a disconnect from the man you want to be and the life you want to be living.

Many of you feel deeply that you could be living more fully. If you're one of them, you know that you could be doing more to live up to your potential and be firing on all cylinders. There's a wilder, more inspired man inside of you wanting to come out of you.


The Commitment Circle is a weekly gathering that provides a space for your big dreams, inner-struggles and gives you the encouragement and tough love needed for you to rise to the challenge of being a bigger man so that you're feeling clear, centered and full confidence.

what is it?

Self-knowledge realignment, clarity & focus

Get clarity on your vision, concrete in your goals and be good at knowing yourself.

Mindfulness, emotional intelligence & intuition

Deepen your self-connection, strengthen your intuition, and overcome your self-limitations.

Accountability, drive & motivation

Follow through on your commitments, show up as your best self and get after your dreams.

the practices

Coaching and community
for courageous living.

How do the weekly sessions work?

The sessions are a 1.5 hour group space to gain clarity, confidence and motivation through open sharing, defining commitments and receiving group encouragement and feedback.

It is a safe and loving container for you to get real about your struggles and be supported by a brotherhood to rise to what you feel called to and what life asks of you.
weekly sessions

Live weekly calls

Every Thursday 

17:30 - 19:00

(London/Lisbon Time) 

The Offer

  • One month money back guarantee (zero questions)

  • £80gbp/€90eur per month

Signing up

New members are initiated at the start of each month.

Click the link to apply and I'll message you to arrange an initial call.

Ready to join?

the details

Sign up for your
one month trial

  • Session #1: The Foundation of Self-Growth
    Everything you need to feel excited and ready to begin your journey of self-discovery; with all the practices, tools and knowledge to master your your self-development and adopt a strong growth mindset.
  • Session # 2: The Subconscious Mind
    Delve into your subconscious mind to explore how it works, why it works against you and how you can make it work for you by reprogramming your self-sabotage, negative habits, self-doubt and self-criticism.
  • Session #3: Self-Limiting Beliefs
    Get clear on the exact core limiting-beliefs that stop you from feeling like your best self and following your deepest desires. Actualise the potential and uncover your true confidence.
  • Session #4: Victim To Victor
    Understand how you are creating your own stress and suffering by the way you interpret and talk about the world using Thurman's Drama Triangle so that you can take complete ownership and control of the life that you create.
  • Session #5: Becoming You
    Uncover your self-belief and self-trust by discovering who you truly are without your fears, concerns and criticisms in a way you've never experienced yourself. You will inspire yourself by understanding yourself and who you're capable of becoming.
  • Session #6: Defining Your Essence
    Digging deeper, we will reveal your unique essence; what makes you you. You will connect with your passions, strengths and the things that you value most in life so that you can live aligned with those things.
  • Session #7: Better Relationships
    Become an expert in understanding people, why they do things and how you can relate to the people in your life so that you create deeper love, connection and understanding skillfully.
  • Session #8: Healing Past Hurt
    Move on and let go of old memories and events that have haunted you until now. Learn how to find peace and truly forgive those who have caused you pain so that you can feel light and free again.
  • Session #9: Breaking Barriers
    Step outside your comfort zone to express yourself from the heart. Overcome shame and self-consciousness by breaking through your personal barriers.
  • Session #10: Discovering Your Higher Purpose
    Discover your calling and define the impact you want to have in the world. Find your way and define your life direction.
  • Session #11: Creating Your Future
    Consciously create the future that you long for. Learn how to turn dreams into practical actions so that you can live a life that reflects the new you.
  • Session #12: Preparing For Success
    To close the journey you will learn what is needed to properly integrate your transformation into your life so that you can live your life fully and wholeheartedly and also help others to do the same too.
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