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academic & professional background.

Following my only academic passion for psychology, I chose to study BSc Psychology at Swansea University. I then went on to complete my MSc Occupational Psychology at the University of London, Goldsmiths; achieving a Distinction for my final thesis.

I first gained expertise in personal development and transformative coaching working at Rosemary Dream, a personal development retreat centre in Brazil, for nearly 3 years.

Now, my work involves designing and facilitating programs and workshops with the intention of developing profoundly transformative experiences that create a lasting and empowering effect on the participants.

As well as the workshops and experiences, I am also coaching and mentoring people on their personal journeys of self-discovery, learning to understand and overcome your fears, worries and pain.

Professional background.
how I work.

I am here to facilitate your self-empowerment. I can only show you the answers and power that you hold within yourself, I cannot tell you what you should do or think. I work by getting you to experience this for yourself and be able to confidently access it at will.

I work in a way that feels light, open and playful, whilst prioritising setting up really safe spaces for your personal journey. Transformation often takes vulnerability, so it's my top priority we cultivate mutual trust so that you feel totally safe and relaxed to explore new parts of yourself with ease.

I use a wide range of tools, techniques, exercises and experiences depending on who you are, what you resonate with and issue we're working with. However, the core principles of my work are based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT which is an intervention that focuses on managing your thoughts, feelings and emotions by reducing the power they have to influence your behaviour and life negatively so that you can do the things that make life fun and fulfilling.


I also use various Cognitive Behavioural Therapy techniques, to change the negative inner-chatter into empowering self-talk and create a perspective of life that inspires and energises you. As well as this, I help develop patterns of behaviour that help you feel great about yourself, connected to those closest to you and excited by where you're heading in life.

How I work.
personal background.

I grew up grazing knees and making new friends.

My passions are wide and varied but include rugby, hip-hop dance, embroidery, painting, poetry, surfing, cooking and playing (if that's even a hobby!).

Doing things that create ridiculous stories is what excites me the most. I love getting intimate with people, sharing things of the heart and playing until we giggle like naughty school girls.

In July 2018 made myself a vow that I would never hide from anything inside my own mind and I would fully express my heart's desires. It's lead me to some pretty weird and wonderful places.

Really, this whole business is for me to do what I absolutely adore, which is dwelling in the question of ''How can we live most optimally?'' in all spheres including connection, expression, nutrition, exercise, creativity, spirituality, contribution and psychologically.

Personal background.
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