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Learn to deeply understand anxiety, self-confidence and your life direction so that you can stop playing small and start living fully.

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This is a practical and experiential foundation course in self-understanding founded in human psychology, mindfulness and emotional intelligence designed to give you everything you need to live each day with confidence, direction and a big ol' smile.
This is a course is for anyone who's starting out on their exploration of self-discovery, looking to get remotivated or wanting to gain the skills to live with more self-alignment, energy and clarity.

how you'll feel.

  1. The self-knowledge will give you clarity, assurance and direction

  2. The mindfulness and self-connection will give you flow, simplicity and meaning

  3. The perspective shifts will bring you fun, creativity and ease

  4. The deep dives will give you liberation, wholeness and freedom

how you'll feel.

what you'll learn.

  1. Who you are and how to only care about the important things in life

  2. A simple and powerful method to consistently make each day kick-ass

  3. How to shift your perspective to make your struggles meaningful and playful

  4. Tools to manage difficult negative emotions and act with your heart

what you'll learn.

These results in just 4 weeks...

I know! I could hardly believe it either!

Ali Lock photo.jpg

Over the last couple of years I have had some family issues. I had all sorts of memories come up from my past that I wasn't able to deal with. I was losing confidence and self esteem and couldn't deal with my feelings, thoughts and emotions.  Going on Beat The Day with Arun has literally turned my life around. I now think about things in a different way and when I feel as though I am getting hijacked by my thoughts etc, I can stop and listen to them without being frightened and deal with them. 


Arun, your ZEST for life inspired me to LIVE my most AUTHENTIC life. You are one in a million Arun!  I LOVED the homework activities, they made me THINK and DIG DEEP! You made me believe in myself...You helped me,and pushed me to fill my tool box with mindful tools I have been searching for, for a very long time. Your energy was moving, even through the laptops camera you touched our hearts... Thank you, from the bottom of my heart!


I lacked clarity about trauma and negative experiences and where to start. What were the feelings behind my experiences that prevented me from having the courage to follow a path that my soul longed for. It seems that a door of possibilities opened and took a weight off my life that held me and made me insecure. I feel energized and courageous. This course will change your self-perception and bring you clarity about your blocks. Believe! It is a liberating process.


I got closer with myself, accepted the critic within me while being able to act more from the heart. You also gave me soooo much confidence that acting from heart is the right way. I feel so much more in power to deal with the negative sides of me as I have the tools & understanding to now do it. I am more honest with myself and am able to deal better with the feelings of guilt and shame.


4 Live in-depth Workshops to develop your self-knowledge and personal power

weekly challenges and on-going Whatsapp support throughout and after

A group of

cool people to connect to, get support from and continue your journey with

A powerful method and set of practical tools to enable you to accelerate your personal growth and daily life


Workshop 1

Establishing Understanding

  • The principles of self-work

  • Cutting the crap and getting real about your suffering

  • The source of all human problems

  • How not to deal with your worries and troubling emotions

Workshop 2 

Knowing who you are

  • Defining your essence and purpose

  • How to know who you truly are when you're without insecurities

  • What is most important to you

  • How to care about what's actually important

Workshop 3

Getting Unstuck

  • How to navigate your triggers

  • Handling negative emotions

  • Being skilful with people in relationships and not take things personally

  • Clarity on why we get in ruts

Workshop 4

Life Crafting

  • Future visioning and goal-setting

  • Setting up for success

  • Creating positive habits and group accountability

  • Moving from reactive to proactive

weekly schedule.

100% of participants said they would recommend the course to a friend.


Thursdays , 19:00 - 20:30

Upcoming Dates:
April 14th - May 5th 2022

The course is done on a contribution basis after it is finished so that there is no financial barrier to people having access to personal development, mental and emotional well-being. There's no pressure to pay a certain amount, you'll simply be asked: "Knowing what you know now about the course, how much would you be able and happy to pay?"

You cannot pay too little. There's no need to feel bad or unsure about this part, I promise.

If you can't afford anything at this tricky time, don't feel embarrassed to give me a message and we'll make sure you get subsidised, as there is often someone on the course who is able to pay extra for less fortunate people to join.

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