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redefine yourself,

redefine your life

break free from playing small and

step into true self-confidence.

​6-month guided mentorship to give you full confidence in yourself, with other people and in your life direction so that you can wake up every day feeling pumped and ready to make a difference.

Mindfulness, emotional stability & resilience

you will get a clear understanding of where your self-sabotage, inner critic and self-doubting insecurities come from, why they're still persistent and how you can pull the weeds out from the roots and get a handle on your emotions

self-belief & social intelligence

you will learn the self-limiting beliefs that lock you into pushing people away or being the people-pleaser and how to understand yourself enough to embody self-confidence and self-love to feel centred and relaxed in your relationships

life Purpose & direction

you will learn to get yourself  unstuck, find focus and clear direction by listening to what's calling you in life so that you can actualise your full potential by fulfilling your higher purpose


Who's this course for?

Are you tired of feeling stuck on autopilot living out other people's expectations?
Are you done with having to put on an act for people watching everything you do or say?
Are you over having to deal with your inner-critic, self-doubt and stressful emotions?
Do you just want to feel happy with your life and confident in your path?
I feel you.
I was following a career that I thought was going to set me up for the future, but it was killing me inside.
I was liked, but for the person I was portraying rather than as the person I actually was.
On paper my life was great, but I was hiding anxious thoughts and self-doubt when I was alone with myself.
After suffering inside my head for long enough, I decided to find the answers to all the questions about life that should have been taught at school like; how do I deal with my inner-critic? How do I know which path to take and what's right for me? How do I get out of an emotional rut when I've been in for so long? How do I become confident in myself regardless of what other people think of me?
All of the things in this course have completely changed the way I and the hundreds of people I've guided understand themselves and how to live life in a way that feels fun, heartfelt and easy.
And when you get it, I know you'll feel liberated too.
what's included?

What's included?

1) 12 live, interactive and experiential workshops and 12 live Q&A sessions for the first 3-months

2) a bi-monthly check in call for the following 12-weeks after the formal training is complete
3) constant WhatsApp support, guidance and contact throughout

3) weekly missions, challenges and activities to get you applying and integrating everything you learn
4) a group WhatsApp to share your progress with other people on a similar journey who will help push you along and continue with you on your journey beyond the course

5) full access to video recordings of each session, as well as slides and notes so that you can forever revisit each class and show others what you've been learning

6) unlimited mini-mentoring calls to get you fully clued up, back on track or remotivated again


you'll get a zoom link when you sign up


dates & Times

From 1st September 2021

Every Wednesday

19:00 - 21:30

(+30 mins of optional question time)



Because of the nature of this intensive, being very in-depth and challenging at times and to preserve the quality of the group, it is extremely important that only those people who are ready to do the work and make the change are accepted to participate.

I Choose Confidence.

Let's talk about your transformation

Before you're accepted onto the course, let's create your action plan to start you off ASAP and make sure this is for you.

Dates & Times

Course dates to be decided.

Register your interest below.

The times of the sessions will depend on what is best for the majority of the group.


The total cost for everything in the course is £1,200.

Which includes the 2 sessions a week for the first 12-weeks and then a bi-monthly session for the following 12-weeks.

Could you be the next success story?


I felt like I was stuck making the same mistakes over and over in my life on a personal level and needed something to shift.

I've done Counselling, CBT and Hypnotherapy before and they worked for a short while but I always ended up returning to the same negative thought patterns.

I was extremely nervous about attending this retreat because I knew it would bring up personal issues that are difficult for me to face but at the same time I was excited because I didn't know what to expect and loved the idea of facing this head-on with an open heart giving myself a nudge out of my comfort zone.

Arun was able to help me face these issues I'd tried to deal with before with previous therapists but to go deeper into these feelings and understand how to connect with myself and accept all parts of my personality.

I'm now able to recognise how I'm really feeling on a day-to-day basis and give myself what I need in that moment. I used to seek reassurance from other people but now I've learnt how to be my own 'best friend' and love and support myself which is incredibly empowering. I've learnt to listen to that voice of self-doubt and reassure myself rather than letting these feelings fester and destroy myself which has, in turn, improved relationships with others including my partner and children.
The whole retreat was a great experience. Arun created a safe space for me to explore myself and take this next step in my journey of self-discovery.

If you are someone who is feeling stuck in life and wants to break old habits in order to move forward in a positive and confident way but are unsure exactly how to do it then I highly recommend one of Arun's retreats. It has been the most empowering and life-changing thing I've done. I am forever grateful to Arun for guiding me to a better place emotionally and mentally but also grateful and proud of myself for trusting my instincts and having the courage to want to make that positive change in my life.

- Lisa Carter



I love this course and I'm so sure you will too.

The content in this course has proven super fun and transformative time and time again for hundreds of people.

So, if you don't feel like you're getting what you need from it,

you will get all your money back. Zero qualms.

the method 

in the madness

You will get a comprehensive low-down of what you need to know about your relationship to you, other people and your higher purpose in order to feel like
'Intra' means 'within'; the relationship you have with yourself. We will explore every aspect of you; your passions, desires, potential, uniqueness and strengths, and also your challenges, insecurities, limiting beliefs and that incessant inner-critic and self-doubter.
MODULE 2: INTERPERSONAL (you & others)
Our relationships are either your greatest source of suffering or your greatest joy. In this module, you will learn to let go of past hurt without closing yourself off to love, understand people like an expert and create authentic and fulfilling relationships without having to be a constant people pleaser.
This is the relationship you have with something greater than you. You will uncover your calling, higher purpose, direction and raison d'être. Finding the way you feel call to contribute and be of service to the world and the people around you is what ultimately will make life meaningful and worth living.
Three Layers of Life
the method.

the sessions

don't make yourself wait any longer.

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