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What is this?

This is a down-to-earth community of men committed to practising getting real, letting go of and breaking through the things that stop us from living in a way that feels exciting, aligned and purposeful.


This is a place of radical honesty, responsibility and integrity to challenge yourself to show up more fully for yourself, your life and those around you.

what is it?
the guiding principles

THE Guiding Principles



Take off the masks, love yourself more fully and become a man of deeper authenticity and integrity

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Belong to a group of inspiring, playful and heart-led brothers who will laugh, cry and celebrate with you



Level up the quality of your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellbeing and uncover your untapped potential

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Being of service to the world supporting those around you with your passions, knowledge and talents

  • group therapy

  • a Lonely Hearts Club

  • a big dick contest

  • a new age masculinity show

  • a crypto-bro mastermind

What this isn't

Want to know who's already a part of the community?

How does it work?

The community is centred around, but not limited to, the 2-hour weekly sessions in which you will have a chance to:
  • move and anchor in your body, reconnect with yourself and listen to what you're needing
  • get in connection with and share how you're feeling, where you're out of integrity and what you want to create for your life
  • engage in live practices, exercises and processes that push you to go beyond your comfort zone and become more of the man you feel called to be
  • set commitments, goals and experiments for your week and dedicate yourself to serving your community
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how does it work?

weekly Sessions

Every Wednesday 

18:30 - 20:30

Location: Pro.Dança

Rua São Domingos, 8 - N
1200-835 Lisboa

The Offer

  • €90 per month (moneyback guarantee if you decide it’s not for you within the first month)

  • Subsidies available - money will never be the reason a man doesn't join the community

  • One-month minimum commitment

Sign up

New members are initiated once every month:

Next dates:

12th June

10th July

7th August

11th September

9th October

13th November

11th December

A dedicated & down-to-earth community of men

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Quick note from me

I am a coach and therapist for men. For over 6 years I’ve worked with hundreds of people 1:1, in courses, workshops and retreats to help them feel alive, confident and deeply connected to their life's calling. My experience is in IFS, ACT and emotional release.

My desire is for this to be a village of men who have fun learning and growing with each other and making solid friendships along the way.

I want you to feel more capable and excited to be in better shape physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and financially by looking inside yourself and tapping into the true potential of who you are as a man.

I'm typically very sceptical about these spaces, so I get it if you're feeling it too.


My invitation is just to come and try it out. You've got very little to lose.

  • Session #1: The Foundation of Self-Growth
    Everything you need to feel excited and ready to begin your journey of self-discovery; with all the practices, tools and knowledge to master your your self-development and adopt a strong growth mindset.
  • Session # 2: The Subconscious Mind
    Delve into your subconscious mind to explore how it works, why it works against you and how you can make it work for you by reprogramming your self-sabotage, negative habits, self-doubt and self-criticism.
  • Session #3: Self-Limiting Beliefs
    Get clear on the exact core limiting-beliefs that stop you from feeling like your best self and following your deepest desires. Actualise the potential and uncover your true confidence.
  • Session #4: Victim To Victor
    Understand how you are creating your own stress and suffering by the way you interpret and talk about the world using Thurman's Drama Triangle so that you can take complete ownership and control of the life that you create.
  • Session #5: Becoming You
    Uncover your self-belief and self-trust by discovering who you truly are without your fears, concerns and criticisms in a way you've never experienced yourself. You will inspire yourself by understanding yourself and who you're capable of becoming.
  • Session #6: Defining Your Essence
    Digging deeper, we will reveal your unique essence; what makes you you. You will connect with your passions, strengths and the things that you value most in life so that you can live aligned with those things.
  • Session #7: Better Relationships
    Become an expert in understanding people, why they do things and how you can relate to the people in your life so that you create deeper love, connection and understanding skillfully.
  • Session #8: Healing Past Hurt
    Move on and let go of old memories and events that have haunted you until now. Learn how to find peace and truly forgive those who have caused you pain so that you can feel light and free again.
  • Session #9: Breaking Barriers
    Step outside your comfort zone to express yourself from the heart. Overcome shame and self-consciousness by breaking through your personal barriers.
  • Session #10: Discovering Your Higher Purpose
    Discover your calling and define the impact you want to have in the world. Find your way and define your life direction.
  • Session #11: Creating Your Future
    Consciously create the future that you long for. Learn how to turn dreams into practical actions so that you can live a life that reflects the new you.
  • Session #12: Preparing For Success
    To close the journey you will learn what is needed to properly integrate your transformation into your life so that you can live your life fully and wholeheartedly and also help others to do the same too.

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