4-Week Personal Development Course

This is a course is for anyone who's starting out on their exploration of self-discovery, looking to hit the reset button to reconnect and restart, or wanting to gain more self-understanding, clarity and motivation.

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An online course for you to get the self-insight, practical tools and experiential learning to be able to feel confident in your direction, manage your difficult emotions and stressful thoughts calmly, and live with ease, clarity and purpose.

how you'll feel.

  1. The self-knowledge will give you clarity, assurance and direction

  2. The mindfulness and self-connection will give you flow, simplicity and meaning

  3. The perspective shifts will bring you fun, creativity and ease

  4. The deep dives will give you liberation, wholeness and freedom


what you'll learn.

  1. Who you are and how to only care about the important things in life

  2. A simple and powerful method to consistently make each day kick-ass

  3. How to shift your perspective to make your struggles meaningful and playful

  4. Tools to manage difficult negative emotions and act with your heart


4 Live Workshops to develop your self-knowledge and personal power

weekly challenges & on-going Whatsapp support throughout

A group of

 like-minded people to connect, support and continue your journey with

A powerful method and set of practical tools to enable you to take control of your personal growth and daily life


Workshop 1

Establishing Understanding

  • The principles of self-work

  • Cutting the crap and getting real

  • The source of all problems

  • Basic Buddhism for self-development

Workshop 2 

Knowing who you are

  • Defining your essence and purpose

  • Choosing your personal values

  • How to care about only the important

Workshop 3

Getting Unstuck

  • Navigating triggers

  • Handling negative emotions

  • Being skilful with people

  • Clarity on why we get in ruts

Workshop 4

Life Crafting

  • Life mapping & goal-setting

  • Setting up for success

  • Habits & accountability creating



Wednesdays, 19:00 - 21:00
Upcoming Dates:
5th, 12th, 19th, 26th August
The course is done on a contribution basis after it is finished so that there is no financial barrier to people having access to personal-development, mental and emotional well-being.

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