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I love this course and I'm so sure you will too.  


If you don't feel like you've made a transformation with your self-love

you will get all your money back. Zero qualms.

grounded self-love, without the pretence

The struggle is real when self-love feels like a billion miles away.

It can also feel pretty pointless and frustrating when everybody is telling you that you just need to make the decision to look after yourself more or talk to yourself in a kinder way.


You already know you should do all of that, but it doesn't give you the deep shift in how you feel about yourself that you're looking for.

This is a course to give you the lived experience of full self-love and get to the source of your lack of self-worth so that you can truly feel like you're deserving of happiness.

This is for all the people who are people-pleasers, boundaryless do-gooders, self-critics, self-doubters, feeling different and disconnected, workaholics, hyper-sensitive and highly-strung.​

who's it for?
what's involved.
after the course, you will...
1) have a clear understanding of where your self-sabotage, negative chatter and insecurities come from and why they're still there
2) know exactly what to do when you get triggered, feel anxious or get in a funk
3) experience a consistent and stable feeling of self-love, gratitude and appreciation for life
4) have a consistent and nourishing practice of self-care, self-reflection and daily intention-setting
5) be able to set clear and loving boundaries with the people around you without the guilt
6) be connected to who you are at your core and be able to express yourself authentically and unapologetically
7) have let go of past hurt, emotional weight and limiting beliefs that no longer serve you
8) be skilled in the tools and techniques for emotional and mental stress management, tapping into your inner wisdom and working through old insecurities or past hurts on your own time

the sessions

1. group Connection

For strong, authentic and playful relationships to form and deep work to happen, the course will start by you really getting to know the other participants so that the magic continues between you long after the course is completed.

2. Self-understanding

This session is for those ''AHA! Now I get it!'' moments. To understand your problem from the source, how it's caused and why it continues to perpetuate. Here, you will be able to truly understand yourself.

3. transformational self-love experience

This is the space for you to dive deep and make transformation to what you're holding on to that's no longer serving you. This is where the magic of self-love and self-acceptance is lived, felt and experienced. 

the sessions.

4. healing pain & coming to forgiveness

To move through pain and into complete self-love you will learn to forgive yourself and others. Contrary to popular belief, true forgiveness doesn't come from excusing someone for the wrong they did, it will come from complete understanding.

5. communicating with love

It can be challenging to communicate your boundaries, what you need and what's going on for you. To have strong, understanding and connected relationships with yourself and your closest you will learn how to share what's true for you with love and without the guilt.

6. spirituality & self-love

Ultimately, your true self-love will come when you no longer need to convince yourself that you're enough or that you are deserving using thought-out acts of self-care. In the final part of the course, you will look at what it means to integrate spirituality and self-love so you can be at peace and no longer feel you need to protect your self-love.

what's included?
1) 6 live fully interactive and experiential workshop sessions for 6 weeks back-to-back, each building upon the last
2) a 20-minute pre-course chat to get to know each other better and to understand your specific needs to tailor the course to you
3) my continual checking-in and guidance in-between sessions to ensure you integrate and practice your learnings feeling supported
4) a lively and encouraging WhatsApp group for you to share your struggles and successes with the other participants (i.e. your new friends) and continue your journey together after the course finishes
5) the slides and notes from each session so that you can revisit each class and show others what you learned
6) a free journalling guide that will give you the structure to start and end your day with self-care, self-reflection and conscious intention
7) 30 minutes of optional discussion time after each session to go through anything that wasn't understood, share feedback or go through something personal
8) my personal guarantee that this course will give you all of the understanding, experience and tools that you need to feel like you really do love yourself AND it'll be super fun, intimate and life-changing (Big words, I know! But if it isn't, I promise to give you all your dosh back)



Feels like a lot? Contact me directly for a payment plan or low-income subsidy

dates & Times



19:00 - 21:00 (+30m optional discussion)

if you can't make a session, I'll send you a video recording of the session to do in your own time



you'll get a zoom link when you sign up


what's included?
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I felt like I was stuck making the same mistakes over and over in my life on a personal level and needed something to shift.

I've done Counselling, CBT and Hypnotherapy before and they worked for a short while but I always ended up returning to the same negative thought patterns.

I was extremely nervous about attending this retreat because I knew it would bring up personal issues that are difficult for me to face but at the same time I was excited because I didn't know what to expect and loved the idea of facing this head-on with an open heart giving myself a nudge out of my comfort zone.

Arun was able to help me face these issues I'd tried to deal with before with previous therapists but to go deeper into these feelings and understand how to connect with myself and accept all parts of my personality.

I'm now able to recognise how I'm really feeling on a day-to-day basis and give myself what I need in that moment. I used to seek reassurance from other people but now I've learnt how to be my own 'best friend' and love and support myself which is incredibly empowering. I've learnt to listen to that voice of self-doubt and reassure myself rather than letting these feelings fester and destroy myself which has, in turn, improved relationships with others including my partner and children.
The whole retreat was a great experience. Arun created a safe space for me to explore myself and take this next step in my journey of self-discovery.

If you are someone who is feeling stuck in life and wants to break old habits in order to move forward in a positive and confident way but are unsure exactly how to do it then I highly recommend one of Arun's retreats. It has been the most empowering and life-changing thing I've done. I am forever grateful to Arun for guiding me to a better place emotionally and mentally but also grateful and proud of myself for trusting my instincts and having the courage to want to make that positive change in my life.

- Lisa Carter


don't make yourself wait any longer.

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