Understand where your draining emotions and negative inner-chatter come from, why they’re there and how you can manage them in a way that feels light, easy and compassionate, as well as discovering how to find the inspiration and confidence to be fully authentic with yourself and others.

The day is designed to give you easy-to-digest knowledge, the experiential understanding and the practical tools for you to really make a big difference to your quality of life and your internal wellbeing in a lasting and repeatable way.



  • Flat, low and demotivated about life?

  • Restless and frustrated from a sense that life has a bigger potential than what you’re currently living?

  • Confused and overwhelmed about the next step in your life or how to make a new transition?

  • Unconfident, with low self-esteem or battling with negative inner-chatter?

  • Anxious, lost or procrastinating a lot of the time?

  • Struggling in a relationship with someone and feel insecure?

Feel like you? Keep reading!

what you'll get.
1) A clear and written understanding of where your negative chatter and insecurities come from and why they're there
2) Complete understanding of the 3 ways of dealing with troubling thoughts and feelings and when to use each way
3) A full experience, description and definition of who you are when you're uninhibited, confident and fully authentic so that you can connect with yourself at any given moment
4) Tools and techniques for emotion management, quietening the mind, tapping into your inner wisdom and working through old insecurities or past hurts

09:30-  Arrival
Have breakfast and bring yourself along to say hello to your fellow participants and help yourself to the free snacks and tea and coffee provided.

10:00 - Welcome introduction and ice-breakers
We’ll get to understand the path of the day and introduce who we are to the group so everyone can get comfortable and familiar.

10:30 - Connection workshop
We will start the day getting to know ourselves and each other past the normal day-to-day small talk. Breaking down our barriers by learning and sharing what it is to be human and connect in an authentic way. You will increase your emotional intelligence learned the tools and knowledge to understand how to relate to others and yourself in a quick, easy and meaningful way.

11:30 - Getting to know yourself deeply: Part 1
In part one we will explore what’s holding you back in life. We’ll delve into how you’re feeling negatively or insecure in certain areas of your life and the ways you are repeating negative behavioural patterns. We’ll be untying the knots by getting really clear on our problems, what we’re struggling with and why it’s happening. It is a powerful moment to find peace with your problems.

13:00 - Lunch
We’ll have an hour to grab lunch, enjoy the free snacks, tea and coffee, breathe in some fresh air and stretch our legs.

14:00 - Getting to know yourself deeply: Part 2
Continuing to explore ourselves deeply, we will discover who you are when you’re uninhibited, authentic and strong. You will discover a side of yourself that, perhaps feels long lost. This is the part of you that is bright and inspiring. You will come to know and love who you are at your core when you are feeling happy and confident. Normally, this can be a tricky thing to discover but not here! This will be your guide and guru to unlock the inner-wisdom, calm and expression that we all contain.

15:00 - Getting to know yourself deeply: Part 3
The final part of the workshop is a union of these two parts of yourself that are usually in conflict. This is where we bring inner-peace, wholeness and full love and self-acceptance to understand how we can live with ease, regardless of the situation we’re in.
Typically we want to not be sad so that we can be happy, however, here I will reveal how to feel like yourself, be happy and to live aligned with your highest values whilst being able to manage the difficult emotions, stressful thought and triggering moments that inevitably come with not living in a cave in the mountains!

15:30 - Break
Time to shake off, have a cuppa and move about before finishing up our day.

15:55 - Creating a new you and a renewed life
With all this new knowledge, experience and possibility, it is important to make it practical so that we can create impactful and lasting change. Here, we will spend some time looking at what this means specifically for your life situation and how you can build the habits and behaviours to start living a new way of life that you can call joyful, expressive, connected and meaningful. 

17:00 - Closing ceremony
Finally, to end the special day we will come together to share our experience; what touched us most, our worries moving forward and how we would love to be supported by the group.

17:30 - Leave
Time to head home to tell our loved ones about our amazing experience!

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Super Early Bird (until July 1st): £55

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date & Time

Saturday 22nd August

09:30 - 17:30



Meadows Wellbeing

57 High St,


RH14 9FJ


I felt like I was stuck making the same mistakes over and over in my life on a personal level and needed something to shift.

I was extremely nervous about attending this retreat because I knew it would bring up personal issues that are difficult for me to face but at the same time I was excited because I didn't know what to expect and loved the idea of facing this head-on with an open heart giving myself a nudge out of my comfort zone.

Arun was able to help me face these issues I'd tried to deal with before with previous therapists but to go deeper into these feelings and understand how to connect with myself and accept all parts of my personality.

I'm now able to recognise how I'm really feeling on a day-to-day basis and give myself what I need in that moment. I used to seek reassurance from other people but now I've learnt how to be my own 'best friend' and love and support myself which is incredibly empowering. I've learnt to listen to that voice of self-doubt and reassure myself rather than letting these feelings fester and destroy myself which has, in turn, improved relationships with others including my partner and children.
The whole retreat was a great experience. Arun created a safe space for me to explore myself and take this next step in my journey of self-discovery.

If you are someone who is feeling stuck in life and wants to break old habits in order to move forward in a positive and confident way but are unsure exactly how to do it then I highly recommend one of Arun's retreats. It has been the most empowering and life-changing thing I've done. I am forever grateful to Arun for guiding me to a better place emotionally and mentally but also grateful and proud of myself for trusting my instincts and having the courage to want to make that positive change in my life.


- Lisa Carter


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